Your eye care is our priority and should be yours. Treat your eyes!

It is recommended that adults have their eyes tested at least every 2 years or as advised, or annually if you have glaucoma or suffer from diabetes. Eye examinations can also often pick up other health related issues.

We will test your eyes in a relaxed and friendly manner. Your eye examination won’t be rushed, getting your vision right is our priority. We allocate at least 30 minutes to your eye test to ensure we can assess the overall health of your eyes and have time to discuss this with you. We are not about numbers, but patients as individuals.

You may be entitled to a free NHS eye test or optical vouchers, please call or pop in to see if you are entitled. Alternatively our standard private eye test usually costs £25.

Children's Eye Examinations

Getting children used to coming to the optician from a young age is important, as good eyesight assists a child’s learning and development. One of the reasons we set up in North Leeds was due to the request by many friends for a local independent optician, with whom their child could visit regularly over the years and build a trusted relationship.

With this in mind we offer a child friendly practice and families are welcomed. We aim to make the visit to the opticians fun for your child. There is a dedicated children’s area with toys and books to make children feel welcome and at home. All children receive a “well-done“ reward after their eye test.There is a fun and stylish selection of dedicated children’s eye wear and sunglasses.

If you are nervous about bringing your child for a eye test, don‘t worry, as a father of two Jugesh Naru is used to dealing with children and their personalities! If your child gets upset or won’t play “ the eye test” game then that’s not a problem we can continue another day.

It is recommended that children start having their eyes tested regularly from around the age of four, certainly before they start primary school. Naturally if there are any signs your child is struggling before they get to their fourth birthday then please make an appointment. Some signs may be your child squinting at the TV, having headaches or bumping into things.

Don’t’ worry if your child can not read, our eye examinations allow us to use colours, pictures and numbers- so fun for all! Children under 16 are entitled to free eye care, glasses and repairs.

Please call 0113 2667998 or pop in to make an appointment.